Slough Law and Legal Definition

Slough is an arm of a river which is separate from the main channel like an inlet. It can also refer to a place filled with deep mud or mire.

Example of State Statutes (Wisconsin) referring to Slough.

Wis. Stat. § 281.31 [Chapter 281. Water and Sewage; Water Quality And Quantity; General Regulations] on navigable waters protection law defines "Navigable water" or "navigable waters" to mean Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, all natural inland lakes within this state and all streams, ponds, sloughs, flowages and other waters within the territorial limits of this state, including the Wisconsin portion of boundary waters, which are navigable under the laws of this state.

Wis. Stat. § 1.035 [Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Civil Divisions of the State; Chapter 1. Sovereignty and jurisdiction of the state] on wildlife and fish refuge by United States says that the legal title to and the custody and protection of the fish in the navigable waters leading into the Mississippi River and in the navigable lakes, sloughs and ponds within or adjoining such areas in this state, is vested in the state, for the purpose of regulating the enjoyment, use, disposition and conservation thereof.