Social Service Program Law and Legal Definition

Social service program refers to a program administered by the federal, state, or local government using government funding designed to provide social services directed at reducing poverty, improving opportunities for low-income adults or children, self-sufficiency, rehabilitation, or other services directed toward vulnerable citizens.

The following is an example of a state law on social service program:

Social service program includes:

a. adult or child day care;

b. adult or child protective services, foster care, or adoption, including programs relating to domestic violence;

c. services for adults or children with special needs or disabilities;

d. job training and related services, and employment services;

e. transportation services;

f. food or meal preparation or delivery services relating to soup kitchens or food banks;

g. alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and treatment;

h. health support services;

i. literacy and educational services, including adult education services;

j. crime prevention services and assistance to the victims and family members of criminal offenders; and

k. services for housing assistance as provided under local, state, and federal law. [KRS § 12.500].