Solar Energy Property Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 26 CFR 1.23-2, [Title 26 -- Internal Revenue; Chapter I -- Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury], the term solar energy property means “equipment and materials of a solar energy system which, when installed in connection with a dwelling, transmits or uses solar energy to heat or cool the dwelling or to provide hot water or (in the case of expenditures made after December 31, 1979) electricity for use within the dwelling. For this purpose, solar energy is energy derived directly from sunlight (solar radiation). Property which uses, as an energy source, fuel or energy which is indirectly derived from sunlight (solar radiation), such as fossil fuel or wood or heat in underground water, is not considered solar energy property. Materials and components of "passive solar systems" as well as "active solar systems", or a combination of both types of systems may qualify as solar energy property.”