Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure Law and Legal Definition

Standing committee on rules of practice and procedure is a group of judges, lawyers, and legal scholars appointed by the Chief Justice of the U.S. to advise the Judicial Conference of the United States on possible amendments to the procedural rules in the various federal courts and on other issues relating to the operation of the federal courts.

States have their on Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure. For example under Article IV § 18(a) of the Maryland Constitution, the Court of Appeals is empowered to regulate the practice and procedure in, and the judicial administration of, the courts of Maryland. Under Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article § 13-301, the Court of Appeals may appoint a standing committee of lawyers, judges, and other persons competent in judicial practice, procedure, or administration to assist the Court in the exercise of its rule making power. Its members meet regularly to consider proposed amendments and additions to the Maryland Rules of Procedure and to submit recommendations for change to the Court of Appeals.