State Historic Preservation Review Board Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 16 USCS § 470w (12), [Title 16. Conservation; Chapter 1A. Historic Sites, Buildings, Objects, and Antiquities; National Historic Preservation; General and Miscellaneous] the term State historic preservation review board means “a board, council, commission, or other similar collegial body established as provided in section 101(b)(1)(B) [16 USCS § 470a(b)(1)(B)]--

(A) the members of which are appointed by the State Historic Preservation Officer (unless otherwise provided for by State law),

(B) a majority of the members of which are professionals qualified in the following and related disciplines: history, prehistoric and historic archaeology, architectural history, architecture, folklore, cultural anthropology, curation, conservation, and landscape architecture, and

(C) which has the authority to--

(i) review National Register nominations and appeals from nominations;

(ii) review appropriate documentation submitted in conjunction with the Historic Preservation Fund;

(iii) provide general advice and guidance to the State Historic Preservation Officer; and

(iv) perform such other duties as may be appropriate.”