Status Report Law and Legal Definition

A status report is a report that summarizes a particular situation as of a stated period of time. A court while considering a question before it may order any concerned party to file a status report before it, so that the court can consider the report while arriving at a decision on any issue before it. A status report may contain details of a situation as it stands or details of a situation over a period of time. A court may order that a party file a one time or regular such as weekly, monthly or annual status report. Status reports may be filed individually or jointly and a specific person or entity may be asked to file a status report or more than one person or entities may jointly file a status report before the court. For example, if the court orders a status report on a construction matter in issue before it, the status report may include details of the stage of completion of the construction, how it may progress in the future and how long it may take to complete the work.