Statute of Uses Law and Legal Definition

Statute of uses is an English statute of 1536 (27 Henry VIII ch 10). It gave a legal status to certain uses recognized only in equity, providing that the legal title should follow the beneficial interest and vest in the "cestuis que use" after such quality, manner, form and condition as they had before in or to the use, confidence or trust that was in them. The statute of uses is generally recognized as a part of the common law of states of the United States.

The doctrine of the statute of uses is in force in most of the United States, either by re-enactment or by adoption; and, where it has been expressly declared not of force, a knowledge of its doctrine is necessary to understand and apply the common or statutory forms of conveyances. [Farmers' & Merchants' Ins. Co. v. Jensen, 58 Neb. 522, 525 (Neb. 1899)].