Storage Lien Law and Legal Definition

Storage lien is a lien for parking, storage or care of motor vehicles. It may be a maritime lien for the storage of watercraft or a lien for the storage of an automobile.

The following is an example of a state statue (Virginia) on storage lien.

Va. Code Ann. § 43-32. “In the case of any boat or aircraft subject to a chattel mortgage, security agreement, deed of trust, or other instrument securing money, the keeper of the marina, hangar, or tie-down will have a lien thereon for his/her reasonable charges for storage.”

Further, New Hampshire has recognized the garageman's storage lien in RSA 450:1, which states: “any person who maintains a public garage, public or private airport or hangar or trailer court for the parking, storage or care of motor vehicles or aircraft or house trailers brought to his/her premises or placed in his/her care by or with the consent of the legal or equitable owner will have a lien upon said motor vehicle or aircraft or house trailer, so long as the same remains in his/her possession, for proper charges due to him/her for the parking, storage or care of the same.” [In re Achorn, 124 B.R. 150, 153 (Bankr. D. Me. 1991)]