Street Youth Law and Legal Definition

According to 42 USCS § 5732a [Title 42. The Public Health and Welfare; Chapter 72. Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; Runaway and Homeless Youth; General Provisions], the term "street youth" means “an individual who--

(A) is--

(i) a runaway youth; or

(ii) indefinitely or intermittently a homeless youth; and

(B) spends a significant amount of time on the street or in other areas that increase the risk to such youth for sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, prostitution, or drug abuse.

(7) Transitional living youth project. The term "transitional living youth project" means a project that provides shelter and services designed to promote a transition to self-sufficient living and to prevent long-term dependency on social services.

(8) Youth at risk of separation from the family. The term "youth at risk of separation from the family" means an individual--

(A) who is less than 18 years of age; and

(B) (i) who has a history of running away from the family of such individual;

(ii) whose parent, guardian, or custodian is not willing to provide for the basic needs of such individual; or

(iii) who is at risk of entering the child welfare system or juvenile justice system as a result of the lack of services available to the family to meet such needs.”