Structure Law and Legal Definition

Structure is defined as "anything constructed or erected with a fixed location on the ground. Among other things, structures include buildings, mobile homes ('manufactured homes'), walls, fences, billboards, and poster panels." Greene County v. N. Shore Resort, 238 Ga. App. 236, 237 (Ga. Ct. App. 1999)

Structure in the context of construction or housing law generally refers to a a building, bridge, framework, or other object that has been put together from different parts. Precise definitions will vary by governing laws.

The following is an example of a state law defining structures and buildings:

Unless it is apparent from the context that another meaning is intended, the word "building" shall be deemed to include in its meaning the word "structure" and the words "building" and "structure" shall have the following meaning: Any construction, the arrangement of which may affect the health, safety or general welfare of man or animals.

The following is a further example of a local code defining structures:

“Structure” means buildings, steel tanks, steel vessels, pipes, tubes, fabricated sections, metal or wood frames, bulldozers and cranes carried on floats or other objects exceeding eight (8) feet in width and/or thirteen feet six inches (13’ 6") in height when loaded upon the vehicle used in the moving.