Sturgeon Egg Processors Law and Legal Definition

Sturgeon egg processor refers to canning, curing, preserving, packing, or otherwise processing, or dealing at wholesale, for human consumption. A sturgeon egg processing license authorizes the licensee to can, cure, preserve, pack, or otherwise process, or deal at wholesale in, the eggs of sturgeon if, the eggs are lawfully taken or lawfully possessed.

The following is an example of the state statute (California) stating the sanctions imposed in terms of violation of the provision includes:

Cal Fish & G Code § 10005 states that any person convicted of a second or subsequent violation of this code or any regulation adopted pursuant thereto relating to sturgeon within five years of another offense resulting in a conviction of a violation of any of those provisions is prohibited from engaging in any activity for which a sturgeon egg processing license is required for five years from the date of the last conviction. The commission shall revoke any license issued pursuant to this division to the person who is prohibited from engaging in that business under this section.