Substantiated Law and Legal Definition

Substantiated means supported by proof or evidence. It is something that is supported or verified by corroborating information. For example, a person who files a complaint based on a personal injury and asks for recovery of medical expenses is required to substantiate the amount sought by submitting medical bills and other related receipts. In another example, a medical provider who makes advertised claims about the the benefits, performance, efficacy, or safety of a certain procedure or treatment may be required to substantiate the claims by competent and reliable scientific evidence.

In the context of a case of child abuse, caseworkers respond to reports of possible child abuse or neglect. Reports can be made by law enforcement, schools, medical professionals, or anyone who feels there is a situation that warrants investigation. Each referral is screened and may be investigated by a visit or phone interview (assessment), and a determination is made whether additional follow up is necessary. A substantiated report occurs after an assessment has been made and the reported abuse or neglect was found to exist.