Substitution of Trustee Law and Legal Definition

A Substitution of Trustee is a form filed when a successor trustee takes the place of a previous trustee. A successor is a person or entity who takes over and continues the role or position of another. For example, many grantors and their respective spouses act as the initial trustees of a revocable living trust. In this situation, they remain in control until they are incapacitated or die. Then pre-selected successor trustees are appointed in under the terms of the declaration of trust. Usually a spouse, family member or trusted friend are selected as successor trustees. A second successor is a person nominated to take over responsibilites of the first successor in the case of death or disability of the first successor. A Substitution of Trustee form is often filed when a loan on real property is paid off or refinanced. It does not necessarily reflect the name of the current property owner. For example: if you assume a loan the Substitution of Trustee/Deed of Reconveyance is recorded in the name of the original borrower, not the current homeowner.