Summer Workshop or Institute [Education] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 20 USCS § 6661 (2) [Title 20. Education; Chapter 70. Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools; Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals; Mathematics and Science Partnerships], the term summer workshop or institute means “a workshop or institute, conducted during the summer, that--

(A) is conducted for a period of not less than 2 weeks;

(B) includes, as a component, a program that provides direct interaction between students and faculty; and

(C) provides for follow up training during the academic year that is conducted in the classroom for a period of not less than three consecutive or nonconsecutive days, except that--

(i) if the workshop or institute is conducted during a 2-week period, the follow up training shall be conducted for a period of not less than 4 days; and

(ii) if the follow up training is for teachers in rural school districts, the follow up training may be conducted through distance learning.”