Sunday Law Law and Legal Definition

the Sunday law refers to a statute regulating or prohibiting commercial activity on Sundays. Although Sunday laws were formerly common, they have declined since the 1980s, when many courts held them invalid because of their origin in religion because Sunday being the Christian Sabbath. Sunday laws are also known as Sunday-closing law, or Lord’s Day Act.

The Sunday law is justified, not by religious dogma, but as a sanitary measure and as a legitimate exercise of the police power. The law proceeds upon the theory, entertained by most of those who have investigated the subject, that the physical, intellectual, and moral welfare of mankind requires a periodical day of rest from labor and, as some particular day must be fixed, the one most naturally selected is that that is regarded as sacred by the greatest number of citizens and that by custom is generally devoted to religious worship, or rest and recreation, as this causes the least interference with business or existing customs.[State v. Weiss, 97 Minn. 125 (Minn. 1906)].