Supply Reduction Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 21 USCS § 1701 (11) [Title 21. Food And Drugs; Chapter 22. National Drug Control Policy], the term supply reduction means “any activity or program conducted by a National Drug Control Program agency that is intended to reduce the availability or use of illegal drugs in the United States or abroad, including--

(A) law enforcement outside the United States;

(B) source country programs, including economic development programs primarily intended to reduce the production or trafficking of illicit drugs;

(C) activities to control international trafficking in, and availability of, illegal drugs, including--

(i) accurate assessment and monitoring of international drug production and interdiction programs and policies; and

(ii) coordination and promotion of compliance with international treaties relating to the production, transportation, or interdiction of illegal drugs;

(D) activities to conduct and promote international law enforcement programs and policies to reduce the supply of drugs; and

(E) activities to facilitate and enhance the sharing of domestic and foreign intelligence information among National Drug Control Program agencies, relating to the production and trafficking of drugs in the United States and in foreign countries.”