Susquehanna River Basin Commission Law and Legal Definition

Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) is a federal interstate commission created by the Susquehanna River Basin Compact. The SRBC is created between three federal states and the federal government. The three federal states are the following :




The main objectives of the SRBC are:

1. Developing cooperative and coordinated federal, state, local, and private water and related natural resources planning within the basin,

2. Formulating current comprehensive plan and a water resources program for the immediate and long-range use and development of the water resources of the basin,

3. Providing for an orderly collection and evaluation of data, and for the continuing promotion and conduct of appropriate research relating to water resources problems,

4.Establishing priorities for planning, financing subject to applicable laws, development and use of projects and facilities essential to effectively meet identified water resource needs, and

5.Maintaining water resources in a viable state.

According to 18 CFR 801.0, the SRBC formulates certain basic policies for the purpose of achieving the objectives:

1. Policies having a basin wide application,

2.Policies that are specifically pertinent to the formulation of a comprehensive plan,

3.Policies serving as guidelines for all agencies of individuals with planning responsibilities for the development and use of water resources of the basin,

4.Policies relating to the working relationship between the SRBC and other agencies having related responsibilities in the basin.