Swine Health Protection Act Law and Legal Definition

Swine Health Protection Act (Act) is a federal legislation preventing numerous infectious or communicable diseases of swine that are transmitted in the U.S. The Act is codified at 7 USCS § 3802. The Act provides for protection of health and welfare of people. The Act regulates the diseases which spread through the medium of raw or improperly treated garbage which is fed to swine. The following are some examples of communicable diseases which are controlled by the Act:

1.Foot-and-mouth disease,

2.African swine fever,

3.Hog cholera, and

4.Swine vesicular diseases.

The Act provides for proper garbage treatment facility in order to prevent such diseases. Any person who willfully violates the provisions of this Act will be guilty of a misdemeanor and will be fined or imprisoned. The Act also provides for coordination and greater effectiveness in administration of this Act by entering into cooperative agreements with state departments of agriculture. However, federal states have the primary enforcement responsibility for violations of laws and regulations relating to the treatment of garbage to be fed to swine.