Uncontrollable Impulse Law and Legal Definition

Uncontrollable impulse refers to an impulse that is so irresistible that it cannot be avoided. In some jurisdictions, an uncontrollable impulse serves as a defense to criminal conduct. It is committed in the grip of the impulse. It is possible that an insane, uncontrollable impulse is sometimes sufficient to destroy criminal responsibility. However, this is probably so only where it destroys the power of the accused to comprehend rationally the nature, character and consequences of the particular act or acts charged against the accused. Nevertheless, the accused still has the power of knowing the character of the particular act or acts, and that they are wrong. The law will hardly recognize that any uncontrollable impulse may so take possession of a man's faculties and powers as to compel him/her to do what s/he knows to be wrong and and thereby relieve him/her from all criminal responsibility. [State v. Mowry, 37 Kan. 369 (Kan. 1887)].