Undesirable Discharge Law and Legal Definition

Undesirable discharge refers to an administrative discharge under "conditions other than honorable.” It is generally given to a member of the military who does not qualify for an honorable discharge. An undesirable discharge does not involve punishment. It reflects only that the military has found the particular individual unfit or unsuitable for further service. No criminal charges are brought and no further sanction, such as fine or imprisonment, is imposed for the conduct which forms the basis for the undesirable discharge. “An undesirable discharge is one of five types of discharge which the Navy gives. The other discharges are honorable, general, bad conduct, and dishonorable. An undesirable discharge is given administratively and is defined as a separation under conditions other than honorable.”[ Pickell v. Reed, 326 F. Supp. 1086, 1088 (D. Cal. 1971)].