Undue Hardship or Extreme Inconvenience (Jury Service) Law and Legal Definition

According to 28 USCS § 1869 [Title 28. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure; Part v. Procedure ; Chapter 121. Juries; Trials by Jury] undue hardship or extreme inconvenience, as a basis for excuse from immediate jury service under section 1866(c)(1) of this chapter [28 USCS § 1866(c)(1)], shall mean “great distance, either in miles or traveltime, from the place of holding court, grave illness in the family or any other emergency which outweighs in immediacy and urgency the obligation to serve as a juror when summoned, or any other factor which the court determines to constitute an undue hardship or to create an extreme inconvenience to the juror; and in addition, in situations where it is anticipated that a trial or grand jury proceeding may require more than thirty days of service, the court may consider, as a further basis for temporary excuse, severe economic hardship to an employer which would result from the absence of a key employee during the period of such service.”