Unemancipated Law and Legal Definition

Unemancipated means not free, such as a minor who is not yet free from the care and custody of parental control due to being under the age of majority, unmarried, not in military service, and not declared emancipated by court order. The age of majority varies by state, but is typically 18.

Emancipation is when a minor has achieved independence from his or her parents, such as by getting married before reaching age 18 or by becoming fully self-supporting. It may be possible for a child to petition a court for emancipation to free the minor child from the control of parents and allow the minor to live on his/her own or under the control of others. It usually applies to adolescents who leave the parents' household by agreement or demand. Emancipation may cease to make a parent liable for the acts of a child, including debts, negligence or criminal acts. Sometimes the emancipation of a child ends the obligation of a divorced parent to pay child support.