Unfree Labor Law and Legal Definition

Unfree labor means employment against will. A person is employed as unfree labor under threat of destitution, detention, or violence to the workmen or their families. The term unfree labor is also known as forced labor. Slavery, bonded labor are examples of unfree labor.

The following is an example of a state statute (Rhode Island) defining forced labor:

Pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 11-67-1 (3) "Forced labor" means labor performed or provided by another person that is obtained or maintained through:

(i) Any scheme, plan, or pattern intending to cause or threatening to cause physical harm to any person;

(ii) An actor's physically restraining or threatening to physically restrain another person;

(iii) An actor's abusing or threatening to abuse the law or legal process;

(iv) An actor's knowingly destroying, concealing, removing, confiscating, or possessing without a person's consent any actual or purported passport or other immigration document, or any other actual or purported government identification document, of another person;

(v) An actor's blackmail; or

(vi) An actor's intimidation.