Uniform Law on Notarial Acts Law and Legal Definition

Uniform Law on Notarial Acts is one of the uniform acts prepared and sponsored by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws in 1982. The Act defines the content and form of common notarial acts and provides for the recognition of such acts performed in other jurisdictions. It replaces two Uniform Laws, the Uniform Acknowledgment Act (As Amended), and the later Uniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act. The original Acknowledgment Act served to define the content and form of acknowledgments. The Recognition Act later provided for more specific rules for recognition of acknowledgments and "other notarial acts" from outside of the state, although its title was more narrowly stated. Uniform Law on Notarial Acts is a consolidation, extension, and modernization of the two previous acts. It consolidates the provisions of the two acts relating to acknowledgments of instruments. It extends the coverage of the earlier act to include other notarial acts, such as taking of verifications and attestation of documents. It has been adopted by a few states like Oregon, Oklahoma, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Minnesota.