Unintentional Release [Transportation-Hazardous Material Regulation] Law and Legal Definition

According to 49 CFR 171.8 [Title 49. Transportation; Subtitle B. Other Regulations Relating To Transportation; Chapter I. Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Department Of Transportation; Subchapter C. Hazardous Materials Regulations; Part 171 General Information, Regulations, And Definitions, Subpart A Applicability, General Requirements, And North American Shipments], ‘unintentional release’ means “the escape of a hazardous material from a package on an occasion not anticipated or planned. This includes releases resulting from collision, package failures, human error, criminal activity, negligence, improper packing, or unusual conditions such as the operation of pressure relief devices as a result of over-pressurization, overfill or fire exposure. It does not include releases, such as venting of packages, where allowed, and the operational discharge of contents from packages.”