United States Army Corrections Command Law and Legal Definition

The United States Army Corrections Command (ACC) is a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Army. It exercises command and control over the U.S. Army Corrections System facilities. The ACC was established in 2007, and has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The ACC provides operational oversight for policy, programming, resourcing, and support of Army Corrections System. It also coordinates the execution of condemned military prisoners, if required.

The ACC aims to prepare military inmates for their successful return to their military duty, or to be productive members of the society after their release. To achieve this goal the ACC provides rehabilitative services to the inmates.

The ACC plays a pivotal role in standardizing, eliminating command layers, and streamlining corrections operations across the Army. It exercises leadership and oversight for military personnel. It also helps in managing military prisoners in military and Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities.