United States Fleet Forces Command [USFLTFORCOM] Law and Legal Definition

The United States Fleet Forces Command (USFLTFORCOM) is an integral part of the U.S. Navy. USFLTFORCOM was originally formed as United States Atlantic Fleet (USLANTFLT) in 1906. USFLTFORCOM is responsible for operations in and around the Atlantic Ocean. USFLTFORCOM also supports both the Chief of Naval Operations and Combatant Commanders worldwide by furnishing responsive, relevant, sustainable Naval forces ready-for-tasking. USFLTFORCOM in collaboration with U.S. Pacific Fleet organizes, mans, trains, maintains, and equips Navy forces, develops and submits budgets, and executes readiness and personnel accounts to develop both required and sustainable levels of Fleet readiness.

Hence, the mission of USFLTFORCOM includes:

1. to organize, man, train, and equip Naval Forces for assignment to Unified Command Combatant commanders;

2. to deter, detect, and defend against homeland maritime threats; and

3. to articulate Fleet war fighting and readiness requirements to the Chief of Naval Operations.

In short, the functions of USFLTFORCOM include the following:

1. to serve as Navy Global Force Manager;

2. to prepare forces for employment by Combatant Commanders; and

3. to provide planning and operational support to assigned or supported Combatant Commanders.

Additionally, U.S. Fleet Forces Command serves as the CNO's designated Executive Agent for Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP), Individual Augmentees (IA), and Sea Basing