United States Joint Forces Command [USJFCOM] Law and Legal Definition

United States Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) is one of ten Unified Combatant Commands of the U.S. Armed Forces that serves as a functional command providing specific services to the military.

The USJFCOM is the only combatant command focused on the transformation of the U.S. military capabilities. The commander of the USJFCOM oversees the command's four primary roles in transformation. They are joint concept development and experimentation, joint training, joint interoperability and integration, and the primary conventional force provider as outlined in the Unified Command Plan approved by the President. It acts as the transformation laboratory of the U.S. military to enhance the combatant commanders' capabilities to implement the president's strategy. The USJFCOM develops joint operational concepts, tests these concepts through rigorous experimentation, educates joint leaders, trains joint task force commanders and staffs, and recommends joint solutions to the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to better integrate their war fighting capabilities.