United States-Mexico Border Health Commission Law and Legal Definition

The United Sates-Mexico Border Health Commission (“Commission”) was established in 2000 to provide international leadership to optimize health and quality of life along the US-Mexico border. It is established pursuant to 22 USCS § 290n-1. The following are the duties of the Commission :

1.to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment in the U.S.-Mexico border area for the purposes of identifying, evaluating, preventing, and resolving health problems and potential health problems that affect the general population of the area;

2.to conduct or support investigations, research, or studies designed to identify, study, and monitor, on an on-going basis, health problems that affect the general population in the U.S.-Mexico border area;

3. to conduct or support a binational, public-private effort to establish a comprehensive and coordinated system, which uses advanced technologies to the maximum extent possible, for gathering health-related data and monitoring health problems in the U.S.-Mexico border area;

4. to provide financial, technical, or administrative assistance to public or private nonprofit entities who act to prevent or resolve such problems or who educate the population concerning such health problems.