Voluntary Leave Bank Program Law and Legal Definition

The Voluntary Leave Bank Program (“Program”) is a federal initiative allowing federal employees to contribute their unused accrued annual leave in a leave bank. A leave bank means a pooled fund of annual leave established by a federal agency. An employee who contributes annual leave to a leave bank will be a leave bank member.[ 5 CFR 630.1002]. The Program helps those leave bank members who need leave because of a medical emergency.

The following are the functions of every agency participating in the Program:

1.Developing written policies and procedures for establishing and administering leave banks and leave bank boards;

2.Establishing one or more leave bank boards to perform the duties authorized; and

3.Establishing internal decision-making procedures in the leave bank board;

4.Monitoring the status of each leave recipient's medical emergency ;

5. Monitoring the amount of leave in the leave bank and the number of applications to become a leave recipient;

6. Maintaining an adequate amount of annual leave in the leave bank to the greatest extent practicable.