Voter Intimidation Law and Legal Definition

Voter intimidation means putting a voter under pressure in such a way that the voter will vote only in a particular manner.

It is seen that voters from a particular place or supporters of a particular party are threatened by supporters of another party. Some candidates may even hire people to threaten the voters and force them to vote for a specific political party. Supporters of a political party might collectively threaten a village if they find that the villagers do not intend to vote for them. They might even resort to bomb threat as an intimidation and make difficult for the people in that area to vote. Polling places may be attacked if a political party finds that the area is favoring another political party or a candidate.

Legal threat is one of the methods of voter intimidation. Here, the voters are falsely made to believe that they are not legally entitled to vote or they are supposed to vote in a particular manner. In Ohio, there is a proposed law to criminalize any act which misleads voters about voting information.

Economic threat is another method of voter intimidation. A company supporting a particular party induces the workers to vote for that particular party which the company favors.