War on Drugs Law and Legal Definition

War on drugs is a series of actions tending toward a prohibition of illegal drug trade. It is a campaign adopted by the U.S. government along with the foreign military aid and with the assistance of participating countries, to both define and to end the import, manufacture, sale, and use of illegal drugs.. This initiative includes a set of U.S. drug policies that are proposed to discourage the production, distribution, and consumption of illegal psychoactive drugs. The term "War on Drugs" was first used by President Richard Nixon on June 17, 1971, during which he described illegal drugs as "public enemy number one in the United States.".

In U.S., the war on drugs has given rise to a number of well known anti-drug campaigns such as the “Just Say No" campaign. The “just say no” campaign was started in the 1980s by First Lady Nancy Reagan to make scool children say "no" to anyone who offered them drugs.