Wife's Insurance Benefits Law and Legal Definition

Wife’s insurance benefits refer to those insurance benefits granted to a wife or a divorced wife. An individual is entitled to old-age benefits, if such wife or divorced wife has attained retirement age. She is also entitled to disability insurance benefits.

Wife’s insurance benefits are entitled to be granted on the following conditions:

1.The wife has filed application for wife's insurance benefits,

2.Wife has attained age 62 has in her care at the time of filing such application,

In the case of a divorced wife, she is entitled to the benefit for each month as determined under regulations of the Commissioner of Social Security in a manner otherwise provided for wife's insurance benefits, as if such insured individual had become entitled to old-age insurance benefits.

The following is the example of the federal law defining the term wife:

42 USCS § 416 defines wife of an individual is only if she is the mother of his son or daughter, she was married to him for a period of not less than one year immediately preceding the day on which her application is filed, or in the month prior to the month of her marriage to him was entitled to, and attainment of age 62 in such prior month would have been entitled to, benefits.