Gaming Employee Law and Legal Definition

Gaming Employee means any employee of a gaming establishment, or licensee of a gaming establishment. A cashier, change personnel, count room personnel, slot attendants, hosts or other individuals authorized to extend complimentary services, including employees performing functions similar to those performed by a gaming junket representative are gaming employees. Machine mechanics, computer machine technicians, or table game device technicians can also be classified as gaming employees. A gaming employee also can be a security personnel, surveillance personnel, Promotional play supervisors, credit supervisors, pit supervisors, cashier supervisors, shift supervisors, table game managers and assistant managers and other supervisors and managers, except for those specifically identified as key employees. Boxmen, dealers or croupiers, floormen, personnel authorized to issue promotional play, personnel authorized to issue credit can also be treated as gaming employee.

The term gaming employee shall also include employees of a person holding a supplier's license who has duty to repair or distribution of slot machines , table game devices or associated equipment sold or provided to a licensed facility. But the term may not include bartenders, cocktail servers or other persons engaged solely in preparing or serving food or beverages, clerical or secretarial personnel, parking attendants, janitorial, stage, sound and light technicians and other non gaming personnel.