Garages and Parking Lots Law and Legal Definition

Especially in highly populated urban areas, a parking space is a valuable property interest and the subject of contracts for sales, leases, rentals, and assignments. Operators of parking garages are responsible not only for the vehicles on their premises, but for the safety of persons on their premises as well. Failure to provide security personnel or proper lighting in areas known for high crime rates have subjected parking lot owners to liability for assaults on patrons.

The law of some states is unclear on the issue of bailment in self-help lots and is unclear on whether a disclaimer on the ticket to park is valid. In one case, the court held that the mere existence of a printed disclaimer on the parking ticket does not operate to rebut the statutory presumption of a bailment relationship between the defendant and its patrons. State laws governing bailments and parking facilities vary. Local laws should be consulted for applicability in your area.