Golf Law and Legal Definition

In the development stage, golf courses face interesting community and environmental concerns which always seem to permeate the land use process. In the operations phase, both public and private facilities face often unique labor, tax, management, access and governance issues. Some of the legal issues involved withthe operation of a golf course include:

1. Seeking compliance with applicable zoning, environmental and other legal requirements.

2. Planning for succession or disposition rights of privately held golf courses and country clubs.

3. Positioning the golf entity and its owners or governing entities advantageously for tax-saving opportunities, tax abatement or other tax reduction.

4. Drafting equitable governance, by-laws, and membership association documents.

5. Establishing green conservation easements and other desirable, user-oriented space-planning attractions.

6. Structuring and/or reviewing leases and contractual relationships with vendors, retailers and other service providers to reduce risk/liability.