Government Service [Administrative Personnel] Law and Legal Definition

According to 5 CFR 2641.104 [Title 5 -- Administrative Personnel; Chapter XVI -- Office of Government Ethics; Subchapter B -- Government Ethics; Part 2641 -- Post-Employment Conflict of Interest Restrictions; Subpart A -- General Provisions], government service means “a period of time during which an individual is employed by the Federal Government without a break in service. As applied to a special Government employee (SGE), Government service refers to the period of time covered by the individual's appointment or appointments (or other act evidencing employment with the Government), regardless of any interval or intervals between days actually served. See example 4 to the definition of former employee in this section. In the case of Reserve officers of the Armed Forces or officers of the National Guard of the United States who are not otherwise employees of the United States, Government service shall be considered to end upon the termination of a period of active duty or active duty for training during which they served as SGEs. See example 5 to the definition of former employee in this section.”