Grantee [Education] Law and Legal Definition

According to 34 CFR 77.1 (c) [Title 34 – Education; Subtitle A -- Office of the Secretary, Department of Education; Part 77 -- Definitions that apply to Department Regulations], the term grantee means “the legal entity other than a Government subject to 34 CFR Part 80 to which a grant is awarded and which is accountable to the Federal Government for the use of the funds provided. The grantee is the entire legal entity even if only a particular component of the entity is designated in the award document. For example, a grant award document may name as the grantee one school or campus of a university. In this case, the granting agency usually intends, or actually intends, that the named component assume primary or sole responsibility for administering the grant-assisted project or program. Nevertheless, the naming of a component of a legal entity as the grantee in a grant award document shall not be construed as relieving the whole legal entity from accountability to the Federal Government for the use of the funds provided. (This definition is not intended to affect the eligibility provision of grant programs in which eligibility is limited to organizations which may be only components of a legal entity.) The term "grantee" does not include any secondary recipients such as subgrantees, contractors, etc., who may receive funds from a grantee pursuant to a grant. The definition of "grantee" for State, local, and tribal governments is contained in 34 CFR 80.3.”