Green-Collar Worker Law and Legal Definition

A green-collar worker is a worker who is employed in the environmental sectors of the country. Green-collar workers promote green development by implementing environmentally conscious design, policy, and technology to improve conservation of environment.

Green collar workers include professionals such as conservation movement workers, environmental consultants, environmental or biological systems engineers, green building architects, holistic passive solar building designers, solar energy and wind energy engineers and installers, green vehicle engineers, green business owners, organic farmers, environmental lawyers, ecology educators, and eco technology workers, and sales staff working with these services or products.

Vocational or trade-level workers like electricians who install solar panels, plumbers who install solar water heaters, construction workers who build energy-efficient green buildings and wind power farms and the like may also be treated as green collar workers.

Many countries including the U.S. are generating millions of new green collar jobs, especially for young people, achieving remarkable reductions in energy, water, waste disposal and materials costs.