Gross Revenue Law and Legal Definition

Gross revenue means revenue minus costs of goods sold. It is the money generated by all of a company's operations, before deductions for expenses.

Example of Federal law defining the term.

15 USCS § 78ddd defines the term 'gross revenues from the securities business' as follows:

The term 'gross revenues from the securities business' means the sum of (but without duplication):

"(A) commissions earned in connection with transactions in securities effected for customers as agent (net of commissions paid to other brokers and dealers in connection with such transactions) and markups in respect of purchases or sales of securities as principal,

"(B) charges for executing or clearing transactions in securities for other brokers and dealers,

"(C) the net realized gain, if any, from principal transactions in securities in trading accounts,

"(D) the net profit, if any, from the management of or participation in the underwriting or distribution of securities,

"(E) interest earned on customers' securities accounts,

"(F) fees for investment advisory services (except when rendered to one or more registered investment companies or insurance company separate accounts) or account supervision in respect of securities,

"(G) fees for the solicitation of proxies with respect to, or tenders or exchanges of, securities,

"(H) income from service charges or other surcharges in respect of securities,

"(I) except as otherwise provided by rule or regulation of the Commission, dividends and interest received on securities in investment accounts of the broker or dealer,

"(J) fees in connection with put, call, and other option transactions in securities, and

"(K) fees and other income for all other investment banking services. Such term does not include revenues received by a broker or dealer in connection with the distribution of shares of a registered open end investment company or unit investment trust or revenues derived by a broker or dealer from the sale of variable annuities or from the conduct of the business of insurance.