Health Center Law and Legal Definition

A health center is an entity entrusted to improve the health of the society or community. Health centers mainly aim to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of the individuals rather than simply providing treatment for any disease or infirmity.

Pursuant to 42 USCS § 254b (a)(1), the term "health center" means an entity that serves a population that is medically underserved, or a special medically underserved population comprised of migratory and seasonal agricultural workers, the homeless, and residents of public housing, by providing, either through the staff and supporting resources of the center or through contracts or cooperative arrangements:

(A) required primary health services (as defined in subsection (b)(1)); and

(B) as may be appropriate for particular centers, additional health services (as defined in subsection (b)(2)) necessary for the adequate support of the primary health services required under subparagraph (A),for all residents of the area served by the center.