High Technology Crime Law and Legal Definition

High technology crime refers to those crimes that are conducted using new electronic and digitally based technology like the internet or the help of a computer. These crimes are also referred to as cyber crimes, computer crimes and technological crimes, depending on the area in which they are being committed. There are two distinct categories of high technology crimes. The first category includes those traditional crimes that are committed using computers. It includes any crimes that are computer assisted such as distributing child pornography, selling or purchasing illegal drugs, laundering money, gambling illegally, distributing hate propaganda or publications, committing any type of internet fraud and using any technology to store, hide or communicate with criminal and/or terrorist activities or associations. The second high-tech crime category includes those crimes that are directed toward a computer or computer network. This is called pure high-tech crime and includes offenses like unauthorized use of a computer system such as hacking into another computer or any unauthorized use or distribution of data, denial of service attacks and distribution of computer viruses.