Highway Construction Law and Legal Definition

Highway construction means construction activities carried out in relation to a highway. This includes the act of locating, supervising and mapping of an area for a highway. The constructions of highways are usually done by state, local communities, or any agency specially designated for it. The construction of highways should be in conformity with the federal or the state laws.

The construction of highways is funded from the general taxation.

Following is an example of a federal statute defining construction:

Pursuant to 23 USCS § 101 (3) reads in part: the term "construction" means the supervising, inspecting, actual building, and incurrence of all costs incidental to the construction or reconstruction of a highway, including bond costs and other costs relating to the issuance in accordance with section 122 [23 USCS § 122] of bonds or other debt financing instruments and costs incurred by the State in performing Federal-aid project related audits that directly benefit the Federal-aid highway program. Such term includes--

(A) locating, surveying, and mapping (including the establishment of temporary and permanent geodetic markers in accordance with specifications of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce);****