Highway Safety Program Law and Legal Definition

Highway safety program is a federal government initiative that is designed to reduce traffic accidents and deaths, injuries, and property damage. The highway safety program facilitates in improving driver performance, pedestrian performance and bicycle safety.

Highway Safety program facilitates the following safety measures:

1.reducing injuries and deaths resulting from motor vehicles being driven in excess of posted speed limits,

2.encouraging the proper use of occupant protection devices by occupants of motor vehicles,

3.reducing deaths and injuries resulting from intoxicated/drunken driving,

4.preventing accidents and reducing deaths and injuries resulting from accidents involving motor vehicles and motorcycles,

5.reducing injuries and deaths resulting from accidents involving school buses,

6.reducing accidents resulting from unsafe driving behavior,

7.improving law enforcement services in motor vehicle accident prevention, traffic supervision, and post-accident procedures.

According to 23 USCS § 402 a highway safety program facilitates states in the collection and reporting of data on traffic related deaths and injuries. The purpose of the program is to ensure national uniform data on such deaths and injuries.