Hiring Location Law and Legal Definition

According to 41 CFR 61-250.2 [Title 41 Public Contracts and Property Management; Subtitle B Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts; Chapter 61 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training Service, Department of Labor; Part 61-250 Annual Report From Federal Contractors], hiring location means an economic unit which produces goods or services, such as a factory, office, store, or mine. In most instances the establishment is at a single physical location and is engaged in one, or predominantly one, type of economic activity. Units at different locations, even though engaged in the same kind of business operation, should be reported as separate establishments. For locations involving construction, transportation, communications, electric, gas, and sanitary services, oil and gas fields, and similar types of physically dispersed industrial activities, however, it is not necessary to list separately each individual site, project, field, line, etc., unless it is treated by the contractor as a separate legal entity with a separate Employer Identification Number (EIN). For these physically dispersed activities, list as establishments only those relatively permanent main or branch offices, terminals, stations, etc., which are either:

(i) Directly responsible for supervising such dispersed activities, or

(ii) The base from which personnel and equipment operate to carry out these activities. (Where these dispersed activities cross State lines, at least one such establishment should be listed for each State involved.)