Home Residency Requirement [HRR] Law and Legal Definition

Home Residency Requirement (HRR) refers to the requirement which an individual who is not a United States citizen or a United States permanent resident should acquire for the studying in the U.S. The applicant need to prove that s/he has returned and lived for at least two consecutive years in his/her home country before being eligible for certain category of visas.

The following is the relevant Federal Law on HRR:

Any alien exchange visitor who at the time of admission or acquisition of status was a national or resident of a country which the Secretary of State, pursuant to regulations prescribed by him/her, had designated as clearly requiring the services of persons in the field of specialized knowledge or skill in which the alien was engaged shall be eligible to apply (for change of status) until it is established that such person has resided and has been physically present in the country of his/her nationality or his/her last residence for an aggregate of at least two years following departure from the U.S. [8 USCS § 1182].