Home Roof Warranties2 Law and Legal Definition

Home roof warranties refer to the contracts and warranties for roofing materials used on a residential structure. It includes, a manufactured home or mobile home, and to all contracts and warranties for the installation, repair, or replacement of all or any portion of the roof of a residential structure, including, but not limited to, a manufactured home or mobile home.

Home Roof warranties will be in writing if the contract includes any warranty of the materials or workmanship that extends for any period of time beyond completion of the work.

The following is an example of the state statute (California) which explains the obligation under home roof warranties :

Cal Civ Code ยง 1797.92 , the warranty obligations shall inure to the benefit of, and shall be directly enforceable by, all subsequent purchasers and transferees of the residential structure, without limitation, unless the contract contains a clear and conspicuous provision limiting transferability of the warranty.