Homicide Bombers Law and Legal Definition

Homicide Bombers are terrorists who kill themselves while murdering others. This term is used as a harsher way to describe a suicide bomber. Supporters of the term homicide bombing argue that since the primary purpose of such a bombing is to kill other people rather than merely to end one's own life, the term homicide is a more accurate description than suicide. Others argue that homicide bombing is a less useful term, since it fails to capture the distinctive feature of suicide bombings, namely the bombers' use of means which they are aware will inevitably bring about their own deaths.

Example for Homicide Bombers are the Kamikaze. They were military aviators from the Empire of Japan, who carried out suicide attacks against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign of World War II, designed to destroy as many warships as possible. Kamikaze pilots would intentionally attempt to crash their aircraft into Allied ships using planes often laden with explosives, bombs, torpedoes and full fuel tanks.