Honorable Discharge Law and Legal Definition

A discharge is defined as a complete separation from all military status, duties, obligations, and responsibilities that have been gained by enlistment or entry in the armed forces. The type of discharge a person receives could affect his or her ability to get a civilian job in the future. A person may find it difficult to be hired, simply because he or she did not have an honorable discharge.

Honorable discharge is the highest form of discharge. This type of discharge is separation from the armed forces with honor. An honorable discharge means the person has served the armed forces well by meeting or exceeding the required standards of duty performance and personal conduct. The honorable discharge reflects to the world that the member has satisfactorily completed a commitment to military service. All veterans benefits are given to an eligible person with an honorable discharge. It is important to know that the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) requires personnel entering active duty after 30 Jun 95 to receive an honorable discharge in order to qualify for educational benefits.