Hostile Force or Person [Employee Compensation] Law and Legal Definition

According to 20 CFR 61.4 [Title 20. Employees' Benefits; Chapter I. Office Of Workers' Compensation Programs, Department Of Labor; Subchapter F. Compensation For Injury, Disability, Death, Or Enemy Detention Of Employees Of Contractors With The United States; Part 61. Claims For Compensation Under The War Hazards Compensation Act, As Amended; Subpart A General Provisions], ‘hostile force or person’ means any nation, any subject of a foreign nation, or any other person serving a foreign nation:

(1) Engaged in a war against the United States or any of its allies;

(2) Engaged in armed conflict, whether or not war has been declared, against the United States or any of its allies; or

(3) Engaged in a war or armed conflict between military forces of any origin in any country in which a person covered by the Act is serving.